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A MAILING-LIST on Spiritual approch to medicine, psychology, and psychiatry

Spiramed means spirituality (spi) and medicine (med). The spiramed list is intended for discussions on all aspects of the integration of spirituality in medicine, psychology and psychiatry. This is a wide field which prefigures the medicine of tomorrow that will fully integrate spirituality, medicine and psychology.

All therapists are invited to join, but it is also a place for non-therapist who would like to share their experience on such topics. As the body-mind cannot be separated, the creation of a psycho-spiritual medicine seems necessary.

Many topics will be explored :

  • Self-knowledge and self-understanding
  • relation beetween the quest for fulfillment and psycho-physical deseases
  • spiritual approach to anxiety, depression and psychological suffering
  • spiritual approach to psychosis
  • spiritual practices and conventional therapies
  • meditation, psychological treatments and physical diseases
  • spiritual approach to the physical body
  • wisdom, religions & medicine
  • medicine, psychology, and self-realization

To subscribe to SPIRAMED, send an e-mail to with the following text in the body of the mail
sub spiramed firstname lastname

For further information, please contact :

Jean-Marc MANTEL, M.D.
Spiramed list coordinator