Founders and Coordinators:

Laura Boggio Gilot , Viale Gorizia 52, I-00198 Rome , Tel.-Fax: +39.06855.3069 , ..

Marc-Alain Descamps , 18 rue Berthollet, 75005 Paris, Tel.-Fax: +33.14535.4195 , . /



October 1999

  2. Definition
  3. ETPA is a European federation of national transpersonal psychology and other transpersonally-oriented associations with a legal identity. It is a non-profit organisation aiming to develop transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy in a spiritual perspective.

    Transpersonal psychology extends psychological research to optimal mental health, consciousness and its non-ordinary states, and unexplored human potentialities, such as meaning, will, values, creativity, etc. A fundamental purpose is to develop a global psychology, based on planetary rather than egocentric needs, encompassing the entire spectrum of human experience: the psychopathological, the existential and the spiritual one.

    Transpersonal psychotherapy is characterised by combining the methods and principles of Western psychology with the disciplines of awareness and transformation witnessed by the meditative paths. In addition to the classic psychopathology, it addresses the spiritual crises and the suffering of ordinary normality. The concept of healing includes consciousness expansion beyond egocentric drives, and spiritual awakening.

  4. Aim
  5. ETPA emphasises transformative spirituality and consciousness development beyond ego through spiritual practices in order to understand reality and heal individual and social life. In this context, it fosters a dynamic epistemology toward body-mind-soul-Spirit wholeness and unified, or non-dual consciousness, in which the qualities of intuitive awareness, compassion, and discriminative wisdom, are expressed in a socially engaged spirituality.
  6. Teaching and research
  7. Teching and research address transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy in a spiritual perspective, including: consciousness disciplines, teachings and practices of the non-dual tradition, purification and self-healing techniques, awareness training, clinical aspects of spiritual crisis, relationship between psychotherapy and meditative practice, eastern and western psychology.
  8. Activities

In addition to teaching and scientific research, activities include:

  2. Applied ethics for active members

ETPA members have a commitment to daily spiritual practice, such as meditation, action without attachment, service, altruistic love, truthfulness, etc.

6. Amendments

This Constitution can be amended by the General Assembly with a two-thirds majority vote. /







First draft—October 1999




  2. The members of ETPA are at present the following associations:
  3. Italian Association of Transpersonal Psychology (AIPT)

    President: Laura Boggio Gilot

    French Transpersonal Association (AFT)

    President: Marc-Alain Descamps

    Portuguese-Brazilian Transpersonal Association (ALUBRAT)

    President: Mario Simoes

    Spanish Transpersonal Association (ATRE)

    President: Manuel Almendro

    German Transpersonal Association (GTA)

    President: Martin Gruber

    Norwegian Transpersonal Association (NTF)

    President: Loyd Henriksen

  4. The totality of members constitute the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets once a year and its decisions are taken by simple majority.
  6. Each member association has one vote but can send two delegates to the General Assembly.
  8. Interested associations should send their membership application to the coordinators, along with their constitution and programs. New members are passed by the General Assembly with a two-thirds majority vote.
  10. The General Assembly sets the annual dues and deliberates on the activities and projects of the association by simple majority.
  12. All members have to pay annual dues. In case of non-payment or of non-participation in the General Assembly for two consecutive years, a member can be dropped from the rolls.