European Transpersonal Psychology Association /EPTA

A P T E  Association de Psychologie Transpersonnelle Européenne


2. Definition

ETPA/APTE  is a European Association constituted by National Transpersonal Associations and by practitioner psychologists and psychiatrists for the study, teaching and research of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy in the integral perspective.

Transpersonal psychology extends psychological research to optimal mental health, consciousness and its non-ordinary states, and unexplored human potentialities, such as will, values, creativity, etc. A fundamental purpose is to develop an integral psychology, based on planetary rather than egocentric needs, and encompassing the entire spectrum of human experiences, the psychopathological, the existential and the spiritual ones.
Transpersonal psychotherapy is characterised by combining the methods and principles of Western psychology with the disciplines of awareness and transformation witnessed by the meditative path. In addition to ordinary psychopathology, it addresses the spiritual crises and the suffering of the psychopathology of normality. The concept of healing includes conciousness modification and spiritual awakening.

3. Aim

ETPA emphasises transformative spirituality and consciousness development beyond ego through meditative disciplines in order to understand reality and heal individual and social life. In this context , it fosters a dynamic epistemology toward body-mind-Spirit wholeness and non-dual consciousness, in which the qualities of intuitive awareness, compassion and discriminative wisdom, are expressed in a socially engaged spirituality.

4 Teaching and Research

Integral psychology and psychotherapy ; consciousness disciplines, doctrines and practices of non-dual traditions ; purifications and self-healing techniques ; awareness training ; clinical aspects of spiritual crisis ; relationship between psychotherapy and meditative practice ; eastern and western psychology

5. Applied ethics for active members

Commitment to spiritual practice (daily meditation, action without attachment and service, thruthfulness, etc).

6. Activities :

6. Constitution



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